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Patrick "Trick"
After losing his family, Trick fled to Vegas; did some porn, moved onto stripping…until one night a guest at a private party took him home, and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Now, he is the highest paid, most sought-after escort on the strip.


Trick keeps busy and doesn't allow himself time to think about his empty life, until he meets his friend’s very innocent, nerdy sister, Posy. Before thinking it through, he offers to be her date for a formal business event. The minute she opens the door for their "date” he knows he’s in big trouble.

Can Trick come to terms with his past, or how delicate Posy is? She is like nobody he's ever met, and she makes him want more.

Posy is intimidated by the tall, handsome man with sparkling blue eyes. Her life has always been about work. Patrick's the first man she's ever considered being intimate with, but what will happen when she finds out who he really is, and what he does for a living?


Brock Harding escaped his abusive home at fifteen, only to end up on the streets of Vegas alone and homeless. It didn’t take long for him to learn that he could get paid for sex, and what fifteen-year-old wouldn’t find that appealing? In no time, Brock Harding went from turning tricks to “Rock Hardy” filming flicks in the world of porn. Rock believed he had everything a man could ever want; until an accidental overdose on set lands him in the hospital, and in the hands of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Ivy feels an immediate attraction to Brock and his playful demeanor, but his eyes and scars tell a different story. She reluctantly agrees to dinner...sparks fly...and then she learns the truth.

Will they part ways or find a way to stay together?

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I left home at sixteen, the epitome of every parent’s worst nightmare. If it was wrong, I tried it. The only right thing in my life was Parker. We met in preschool, fell in love, and were married. She always had my back even when I disappeared for months at a time, no questions asked. I screwed that up too.

Parker deserves more than a friends with benefits relationship but letting her go isn’t that easy. Neither is trusting Ryder, the man who broke me. They were both my first love, which one will be my last?

Baylon was too smart for his own good, paired with his evil temper, he was a ticking time bomb. A bomb I diffused more times than I can count. I should have moved on after he cheated, and we divorced but I couldn’t, he’s my best friend, we have a bond, and I’ll always love him.

I’m an officer of the law, trained to known better, perhaps I did, and ignored it. Something about his smile set my insides on fire and rendered me unintelligible. I had to have him, I did have him, now I can’t forget him. One night wasn’t enough. Now, over a decade later he lands in prison, I’m his guard, and I’m on a mission to make him mine.


Beck McQueen is a man on a mission…literally. For the last decade of his life, he’d eliminate his targets, save the good guys, then head home for some good whiskey and even better sex…before doing it all over again.

Beck’s attraction to Scarlet is intense from the minute he set eyes on her. He’d only felt that way about one other woman and she fell in love with his brother. He convinced himself he was better off because he wasn’t the type of man who could settle down…but will Scarlet be the one to change that?

Scarlet Blake’s assignment is to take out her target…not fall in love but somehow Beck stole her heart. A heart that will be shattered once her assignment is complete, and Beck learns the truth.

Coming Home
(Falls Village Collection Book 11)

Maxwell and Teagan…

I left Falls Village with no intention of coming back. Sure, to visit my family but never to stay…until my sister summoned me home. I never could say no to her, so I packed my bags and left my life in DC. The people of Falls Village better be ready because Maxwell James is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m coming home.

Teagan Malloy, that’s me, born and raised in Falls Village. When my parents died, I thought about leaving, but something kept me here. I wondered for so long what it was, but now I know…Maxwell James is back home. I don’t consider myself entitled, but Max just might be the only thing I’ve ever wanted and didn’t get…but I will, mark my words.

Lenny and Hudson…

Hudson and I had an awkward first meeting (the man was butt naked) and our first kiss was a debacle. He’s secretive, stubborn, and in denial but I won’t give up on him.

I thought I’d be Special Ops until I got shipped home in a body bag, but no, here I am legal advisor to my buddy, Maxwell. I didn’t plan to stay in Falls Village any longer than necessary, but I met someone…problem is if I want him in my life, I have to share my secrets, accept who I am, and risk losing the people I love. I don’t know if I can do that.


Dominic Taylor fell in love with his best friend when he was thirteen. At eighteen she was gone. Dominic was devastated. He packed up his life in the city and headed to the beach.

Antonia Milano was forced into a loveless marriage by her father. Luckily, the awful man she married was killed in an accident and she was now free to enjoy her life. The debt her father owed was paid.

Dominic spends his nights mixing drinks at Tonix, a beachside bar. He often wows the women with his talents behind the bar as he mixes up drinks while putting on a show.

Antonia decides that what she needs is a fresh start. As a child she always dreamt of a house on the beach. She imagined romantic moonlit nights with the love of her life and days filled with children building sandcastles. In search of a life worth living, Antonia moves to the coast.

Dominic is in the midst of mixing a drink when he sees Antonia sit down at the bar. He feels a rush of emotions that won’t allow him to look away.

Antonia can’t take her eyes off the shirtless, tattooed man standing before her. Surely, this is a second chance for a happy ending…or is it?

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Into The Blue

Detective Drew Murdock is in search of a man to dominate his body. He's had his fair share of breakups and just wants to hand over the reins to someone else, no strings attached.

After suffering a tragic loss, Craig Romero accepts a position as a SWAT Commander, so he can be near his best friend who understands his pain.

Craig and Drew meet during a drug bust and find immediate hate for one another...or is it sexual tension? One drunken night at a bachelor party answers that. So, the next question will they handle things in the morning?

***Into The Blue is part of Samantha A. Cole's Suspenseful Seduction World.

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Power Play

Christiano was born into a family of power, deceit and crime. He made a promise to his dying mother that he would never follow in the footsteps of his evil father. However, once his fiancée became collateral damage because of him, he spiraled out of control…vowing to take down the person responsible.

Arianna had no idea what she was getting into when she forced herself on Christiano. She had her own agenda…but nowhere on it did it include falling in love with Christiano. She knew what his father was capable of and it sickened her knowing that Christiano had the same blood running through his veins.

Christiano had become a cold angry man. He lost sight of who he once had been until he met Arianna. She made him feel alive again.

Can Arianna come to terms with who Christiano is and melt his icy heart or will she flirt with danger and end up becoming one of his victims?

TwinDesire final KDP Cover.jpg
Twin Desire

Jonny and Cole Black share the same birthdate, the identical face and are both very wealthy men...but that is where it ends.

Jonny Black excelled in his studies, was always volunteering to help the less fortunate and was his class valedictorian. His one fault was looking out for his brother, Cole.

Cole Black never worried about his grades because he was a superior athlete and therefore, he had no worries. He was the star of the football team and the wrestling team. Cole never had to ask for a thing, he just expected it.

Cheyenne Benson thought she had her whole life planned out for her. She was going to attend Harvard, become an attorney and then marry her high school sweetheart. Until one night that changed her life forever.

Fast forward ten years...
Cheyenne goes back home for her father's funeral and is shocked when she learns the truth about what happened all those years ago.

Who will win her heart Jonny or Cole? Or will she leave them both?

deep end ebook_USAT.jpg



Grady O'Malley, gold medal swimmer with a killer smile and no fear…until one night that forever changed his life.


Cassidy Scott spends her days helping others combat their demons while avoiding her own. After surviving a deadly plane crash, Grady is diagnosed with Conversion Disorder which has left him blind. Cassidy is rendered speechless to learn that her newest patient is Grady, a man she's been fascinated with since his claim to fame as America's Golden Boy.


At first, Grady doesn’t want anything to do with Cassidy but once he gives in, he soon learns that he can’t get enough of her.


Every step Grady takes forward, Cassidy takes two back. She needs to guard her heart, for she knows that once Grady regains his sight, she can never see him again.


Lucky Gordon lives, breathes and sleeps baseball. Lucky started his career in the major league fresh out of college. His first at bat was a home run and that’s how it’s been ever since.

Ava Royce is a sassy sportscaster who loves her job and the game but detests the ball players. She has no time for cocky, self-centered men who think being faithful means sex with only one woman a night.

Lucky is intrigued by Ava. She’s a a championship game.

Ava is enraged when she finds out that Lucky had her reassigned to accompany him home to Tennessee to cover a story on him as his hometown’s hero. She vows to teach him a lesson or two for playing games with her career.

Will Lucky be able to beat Ava at her own game and score a home run or will he strike out for the first time in his life?

Choosing Lance: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli


A bet,


a secret

& sex...


Will Lance give up everything and choose Aidan?

Soulmates Series
Soulmates: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli


Jude St. John is a genuine angel on earth. Jude has the ability to heal with the touch of his hands; however, he chose to go to medical school and become a doctor.


Callan Landon is a bad ass cop and a force to be reckoned with…until he meets Jude. Callan had been with many men and women but nobody had ever made him feel this way.


Jude knew from the moment he met Callan that he was indeed his soulmate. Callan completed him and Jude had never been happier…until the Dark Angel surfaced again and threatened to tear Jude’s world apart.


Jude is then forced to choose to either sacrifice himself or save Callan? Is his soulmate’s love strong enough to save them both?

Soulmates 2: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Soulmates 2


Shay Landon appears to be a smart woman who has a love for books and art…however, appearances don’t always hold true.


Bruno Anvar is just your average detective or is he? As much as Shay fantasizes about being with Bruno; she can’t seem to move forward from a horrific night that changed her life nor can she come to terms with what she has become. Bruno knows that Shay is off limits but he doesn’t want to play by the rules.


A force from within won’t allow him to give up…until he makes Shay his Soulmate.

Underground Affair Series
Ace of Spades: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Ace of Spades


After barely surviving high school…and his father, Ace Dean eagerly accepted an athletic scholarship and planned to party for four years. Instead, he met three guys who would become his brothers. Then one night a game of cards changed all their lives.

Fast forward fifteen years…
Ace met Lucy while he was performing at the Underground and since that night his life hasn’t been the same. Lucy Jenkins thought she was happy and in love…until she attended her cousin’s bachelorette party and became up close and personal with the “entertainment.”

Ace and Lucy come from such different backgrounds and yet their lives have become so intertwined. They’ve tried to avoid one another but it seems fate keeps pulling them together.

Can Lucy accept Ace’s performances at the Underground and if she can’t, is he willing to give it up for her? How will Lucy’s father react when he finds out the young man he took under his wing, who has since become his best Lieutenant and decorated firefighter, is a stripper?

Will Ace and Lucy’s love story have a happy ending or will it just be an Underground Affair?

Jack of Hearts: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Jack of Hearts


Shane “Hartless” Hart is an MMA Heavyweight Champion. He’s never lost a fight, losing isn’t an option and he will do anything he has to do to make sure of that…anything.

Luke Martino is a doctor, Shane’s doctor…and lover. Luke wants Shane to retire while he is still the reigning Champion. He is in love with Shane and doesn’t want to see his life end in the cage.

Andy Benson is an up and coming MMA fighter and he is in love with Shane. Andy encourages Shane to continue fighting even when it is against the doctor’s orders. Is he supporting the man he loves or does he have other motives?

Will Shane choose Luke and retire or will he choose the cage and keep Andy by his side? No matter who he chooses, he is in for the fight of a lifetime and this time he may not emerge as the winner.

Queen of Diamonds: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Queen of Diamonds


Chace McQueen is a headstrong, smart ass detective and a wild ladies man. After Kim broke his heart he vowed to never let another woman get close enough to hurt him like she did.

Chloe Mason’s first encounter with Chace left her enraged and wanting to see his body laid out on a cold slab in her morgue. However, after months of working with Chace day in and day out, all Chloe wants now is to see Chace’s body in her bed.

After a game of Truth or Dare, Chace couldn’t think about anything else but Chloe…until he saw Kim again.

Will Kim be able to convince Chace to forgive her? If so, can Chace forego the feelings he now has for Chloe?

Chloe wants Chace and is prepared to fight Kim for him...but is Chace willing to give either of them a chance?

King of Clubs: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
King of Clubs


Declan King grew up knowing exactly what he wanted out of life. His goal was to be raking in over six figures by the time he graduated college…and he was. Declan felt as if he had everything he ever wanted…the best friends a guy could ask for, a thriving business and he was in love with his college sweetheart, Melissa. Until one night when his life came to a crashing halt.

Kaylee Brennen is an artist. She is quiet, shy and in love with Declan.

Declan has finally come to the realization that he is falling for Kaylee but he is unsure if he can ever trust another woman with his heart. He is also afraid that if Kaylee knew the truth about what happened to Melissa then she would never be able to look at him in the same way.

The stakes are higher than ever before. Will Declan risk losing it all and give his heart to Kaylee like he did all those years ago at a poker game?

Love & Lies

Miguel Cruz wasn’t born a billionaire but the furthest thing from it. Miguel grew up on the streets doing whatever it took to take care of himself and his younger sister. A past he definitely is not proud of but he did what he had to do to survive. He built his company, Cruz Contracting from the bottom up and now he will never want for anything ever again.

Alex De Pietro is smart, sexy and about to engage in a business arrangement with Miguel Cruz that will give him a literal run for his money.

Will Miguel and Alex’s business arrangement become foreplay for an unexpected romance? Or will Alex uncover Miguel’s lies and the secret behind Cruz Contracting? Is Miguel even capable of loving someone and if so, could anyone love him enough to forgive him for his past?

Miguel will soon find out that even money can’t save him from love and lies.


Secrets & Lies

Miles Dawson grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. If it wasn’t for his best friend, Miguel, he would most likely be in jail or worse…dead. Miguel took him in and made him a part of his family. Miles owes him his life. He will do anything for Miguel, even if it means giving up his own happiness.

Eden Cruz was raised by her brother, Miguel, and his best friend, Miles. She was educated in the finest schools, wore designer clothes, vacationed all over the world and had access to a very large bank account. The only thing that Eden ever truly wanted, money couldn’t buy…the man who stole her heart.

Miles promised himself a long time ago that he would never cross the line and betray his best friend, but will he be able to keep his promise?

Eden moved back home with the hope that she will be able to convince the man who stole her heart to give her a chance but what will happen when Eden’s secrets are exposed? Will she be forgiven or will she lose her brother and the only man she has ever loved, all because of her secrets and lies?


Sex & Lies

Ryan DiPietro is a smart, sexy lawyer who has mastered the art of bringing a jury to their knees as well as many women...sometimes even more than one at a time.

Faith Nichols allowed her sexual attraction for Ryan to get the best of her and in the process she happily let him use her for sex...over and over again until she fell in love with him.

Ryan never thought about settling down with just one woman until he became addicted to Faith.

Faith bared her soul to Ryan but he was afraid of commitment and hurting her so he lied and pushed her away...into another man's arms.

After recent events Ryan comes to realize that all he wants is Faith...but is it too late?


Passion & Lies

Dane Carlton is a man of mystery. He’s spent most of his life running away from his past. He joined the military and left home never to return. After several tours of duty, he was hand-picked to join three other highly skilled men in need of a sniper to complete their team. Dane is struggling now to live life as a civilian which means he needs to settle down and interact with people who care about him on a daily basis, including Lacey Benton.

Lacey Benton fell for Dane literally…the first time she met him. She never thought that after losing her husband that any other man could make her feel the way that Dane does. Lacey is shy and awkward around all men but around Dane she is a hot mess…until one drunken night of passion that changes all of that.

After a night with Lacey will Dane be able to ignore his feelings and follow his usual one-night stand rule or can he face his past and give Lacey a chance to teach him how to love again?


The You Series
Intoxicated by You: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Intoxicated By You


Tall, dark and strong, that is how Liam drinks his coffee, how Emily likes her men…. 

All Dr. Emily Kelly was looking for was a latte...instead, she fell for Liam…literally. 

Detective Liam St. Paul isn’t looking for love, he is a one night stand kind of guy…until he looked into Emily’s eyes. 

When Emily's life is in danger...Liam vows to protect her. 

Will Emily and Liam find a way to leave their pasts behind them and move forward together?

Or will their pasts tear them apart?

Craving You: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Craving You


Storm Donovan’s parents had his whole life planned out for him at birth. Graduate college, spend his days as a CEO at Donovan International, marry a wealthy woman and have a token child. Storm however, had plans of his own. Graduate from the Police Academy, work his way up to the rank of Detective, marry his childhood sweetheart Evie and have lots of children. He had almost achieved all his goals, his wedding date was growing closer and then on his honeymoon he would hopefully start his family…until the day Storm met Jameson. The feelings he had instantly confused him. What the hell was wrong with him? What will his parents think, and what about the guys at the station? What choice will he make? Jameson Kelly didn’t grow up with much. His parents died when he was a teenager leaving him to care for his younger sister, Emily. As a small child he knew he wanted to be a firefighter, and so he was and a good one at that. No matter what life threw at Jameson he handled it head on and always managed to get what he set out to accomplish, no matter how long or how difficult a task. Jameson finally thought he had a chance to be happy. Then his life was suddenly turned upside down and he was being accused of something he didn’t do, which began a chain of events that could tear his world apart and end his happily ever after.

Crazy Over You: Romance Novel by Michelle Iannarelli
Crazy Over You


Dani Donovan was the type of woman who set her sights on what she wanted…and then did everything in her control to make sure she got it. Once she met Drew Travis she knew he was exactly what she wanted and no matter how long it took, she was determined not to stop until she made him want her too.


Drew Travis knew he should steer clear of Dani. They were from two different worlds. Dani was an upper class white woman while Travis was a middle class black man. He had been involved with women like her before and it never worked. His family would never accept her. He knew he had to forget her…but could he?


Just when Dani thought everything she had worked so hard for; her career, bid for District Attorney and a relationship with Travis was finally within her grasp, her life was turned upside down by a madman who was on a mission to end it. Will Dani survive? If she does, will it be too late for a happy ending with Travis?

Taming You


Sawyer was a manwhore, plain and simple. He was gorgeous, tattooed and had a smile that could make any woman drop her panties…and many did, one after the other. As a detective he spent his days protecting people and his nights protecting his heart. He’d spent the last twenty years of his life alone, avoiding any sort of a relationship because getting close, meant getting hurt and he vowed he would never allow himself to feel that pain again. Mia was pure, innocent and had a heart of gold. She had been attracted to Sawyer since the first time she saw him smile, his dimples sealed her fate. Although Sawyer flirted with her often, Mia never acted on her feelings, she promised herself she would wait until she fell in love to give herself to a man. After surviving a near death experience together, their relationship changed. Sawyer let down his walls a little and he let Mia in. Mia realized Sawyer was the man she had waited her whole life for, her body ached for his touch and she knew she wanted to spend her life with him...she was in love with Gabriel Sawyer. Will Mia be able to knock down Sawyer's walls for good? Is Sawyer capable of loving her? Can he let his past go and move forward or will he spend the rest of his life alone?

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